Welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Eyad Alghool, a writer currently studying at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. This is home to my writing project analyzing place in more abstract terms; rather than focusing on simply what a place is, I go on to analyze the writing which accompanies a place. For example, the famous Massachusetts author Henry David Thoreau wrote his often-quoted book Walden on his time spent living by the pond of the same name in Concord, Massachusetts. He describes the pond and the area around it while giving his thoughts (bordering on sermons) on the area and the spiritual importance it holds in his mind. Besides just books, I extend ‘writing’ to include anything spoken about a place in various media and the way in which people think about certain places.

In this portfolio, I seek to answer the questions:

How is a place written about?

How does the writing about the place change the place?

I crafted an idea based on “catalogs” of different places which encompass the descriptions and notions of a certain place, and under the menu header Analyzing the Effects of Catalogs I introduce the idea in full and proceed to analyze the idea applied in two different neighborhoods of Boston. The writing is ordered sequentially, so that you have to read the introduction first, then read the first piece under South Boston and proceed downward, followed by the pieces under The North End from top to bottom, and finally coming to Conclusion at the end.

In addition to this project, I have included some answers to various prompts under the menu titled Coursework, which include fieldwork and directed writing. Fieldwork involved going out into Boston and exploring with a prompt in mind and then writing about it, whereas directed writing is a classic answer to a literary prompt.


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